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God's love... learning to live itLiving
God's Love...
The Secret Pathway
to a Blessed Life

LoveHoly... Learning to Love as God Loves
This book is the story of author Wayne Marcy's journey from relational disaster to wholeness and finding the secret to a blessed live is in learning to love as God loves.

Pathway to Favor with God is Doing This Priority... Right
The best first step to any spiritual goal is obedience; and the best first place to obey is loving as God loves. Loving holy is the priority that sums up all of Scripture (Mat. 22:37-40).Scripture also says if we’re not doing love right, nothing else matters (1 Cor. 13:1-3). Click Here for Ten Truths That Make Living God's Love Our First Priority

LoveHoly Delivers New Insight
LoveHoly reveals new understanding of what Scripture teaches about loving as God loves. With 263 pages and over 280 Scriptures, LoveHoly gives you the Biblical knowledge and tools needed for making a spiritual leap forward or fixing what is broken in your life. Click Here for Ten Discoveries that Will Have You Wanting to Learn More

Spiritual Progress Guaranteed
LoveHoly comes with a money back guarantee. If, after reading, you do not feel LoveHoly is helpful to you, simply return it within 90 days for a “no questions asked” refund.

LoveHoly Will transform Your Life by Deepening your Understanding of God's Love and How to Live it... Order LoveHoly Here

The Origin of the term "LoveHoly"
1.  God is holy - 1Peter 1:15-16
2.  God is love - 1 John 4:16
3.  Therefore his love is holy
4.  We are to love as God loves - John 13:34
5.  Therefore we are to "LoveHoly"

Reading LoveHoly
Can Transform
Your Life

How? You Decide

If you could make a major leap forward in your spiritual live, what would it be?

  • Become a better witness? (pg. 25)
  • Live a more Christ like life? (pg. 5)
  • Be more intimate with the Father? (pg. 56)
  • Have a more effective prayer life? (pg. 94,203)
  • Become known as a loving person? (pg. 11)
  • Make "your world" and "the world" a better place? (pg. 25)
  • A place of honor in Christ’s Kingdom? (pg. 39,226)
  • Go from a passive complacent Christian to an active fruitful one? (LoveHoly)

If you could fix something that is broken in your life, what would it be?

  • Your Marriage or your children? (LoveHoly)
  • Overcome bad habits or addictions? (pg. 36, 215)
  • Disarming controlling/abusive people? (pg. 137)
  • Healing the pain from emotional wounds? (pg. 99)
  • Meeting unmet needs (spiritual, physical, or emotional)? (pg. 38)
  • Not embarrassed when you stand before Christ? (pg. 226)
  • MMature from a willful child to a beloved son or daughter? (LoveHoly)
  • Guilt and hopelessness? (pg. 245)

Readers See the Transforming Power of LoveHoly

From Susan Weagant, Matters of the Heart Ministries
I never realized that holy love is tied to meeting someone's needs sacrificially. I love that! That is just how God loves us and expects us to love holy in return. Not only that, but loving holy has a transforming power that spills over into every area of my life. Want to know more of what love holy looks like? It is not the way the world looks at love, but the way God does. Then you need to read "Love Holy" and it will transform your life, if you live by those principles set forth in Scripture.

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